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Stronger: Jacob Peters Story ~ by Gary Peters (Aurora, NE)


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STRONGER is the firsthand account of a father’s journey with his firstborn son through a medical diagnosis of lymphoma. Sixteen-year-old Jacob Peters was a warrior. Success beyond expectations was his dream. Sadly, lymphoma shattered that dream, but it cannot dispel the memory of his perseverance, his determination, and his indomitable commitment to achieve. His competitiveness will be long remembered by all who knew him.

Nothing could convey Jacob’s strength quite as well as this cover photo—five opposing players bent on dragging him to the ground, yet there is Jacob, refusing to relent. This journal encompassing the last 290 days of Jacob’s valiant young life tells his story.

Publishing this journal is his father’s attempt to honor that memory and raise awareness of the plight of pediatric cancer patients and families. More information can be found by visiting www.pcanaction.org.

“Wake up every day and move forward. Today’s fight is the only one that matters. I can’t tell you how to walk through it. I can only tell you that you are stronger than you know.” Gary Peters (Aurora, Nebraska)