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Complete Barn Quilt Creation & Painting Guide ~ by Rose Mapel (Cozad, Nebraska)


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Everyone can make a quality barn quilt. You do not have to be an artist-everyone can do this. That is what I love-empowering others to feel the confidence to try it for themselves.  Barn quilts are not only for barns, they are for the city and small towns as well.  They beautify the environment and help bring tourism to areas that promote their barn quilt trail.

When it coms to learning how to make barn quilts start to finish this is a must have.  It does not matter which stage you get involved with your barn quilt-this book has you covered.  Whether you are cutting your barn quilt from a sheet of MDO, at the stage of adding a pattern or at the stage of taping your first blocks this book will help you with little details that will help to make your barn quilt look crisp and clean.

There is a segment that talks about materials and things to consider prior to starting a barn quilt and as you go through the chapters it will take you from cutting, the important stage of weatherproofing the edges prior to priming, priming, selecting your design and the grid process, personalization, taping, painting, tape pulling, retaping, touchup and some basic information on hanging a barn quilt.

There is important information to think about before starting a barn quilt trail.   I have interviews with Donna Sue Groves the visionary behind the whole movement and Suzi Parron who is an author about the barn quilt movement and others who are in the world of the fabric quilters.

I hope that you are as inspired by barn quilts as I am and you take this book and make many barn quilts that will bring smiles to everyone that sees them.