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Sipping Proverbs: An Eclectic Journey ~ by Jean Keezer-Clayton


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By the author:

“The Bible has everything to offer:  sweeping historic epics filled with heroes, villains, wars and political intrigue; theological themes of salvation, redemption, prophecy and eschatology; emotional poems of hate and love and comfort.

We receive instruction on how to establish and maintain a relationship with God.  In addition to all of that, the Bible is practical.  The writers know our struggles to bring up children in a profane world.  They give us advice on how to manage our money, on how to manage our tempers, and how to manage our interactions with friends and fools.  

Nowhere is this advice more straightforward than in the book of Proverbs.  Scholars have noted for years how the 31 chapters correspond, more or less, and with the number of days in many of the months.  They suggest reading a chapter a day to supplement other Bible reading programs.

Short readings from the Book of Proverbs also work well for prayerful meditation on God, his Word, and his world.  One of m more colorful professors said the Proverbs are meant to be sipped like wine and not guzzled like beer.  Thus, I have arbitrarily chosen verse from each chapter to “sip.”

My goal in writing from Proverbs is to connect the Bible to my experience and to encourage fellow pilgrims along the way.  So many people of faith have prayed me through my childhood, through my years of raising af ily, through my experience of tragedy and loss, through my education, through my years of being a chaplain/pastor.  They have rejoiced with me when life brought me new hope and great joy.  They have blessed my journey and I am grateful.  My prayers is that this writing may in some small way bless others.

I have added a “So waht?” feature that gives a next step idea after considering the Scripture as well as a prayer, both of which push us toward becoming “doers” as well as “bearers” of His word.