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Speak to Your Children: 79 Handy Conversations to Help You Raise Dynamic Catholic Leaders on Truth and Life Issues for a Better World ~ by Mary Lee Dey


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Speak to Your Children brims with useful information and short conversations to help you teach youth about life issues vs. the secular culture that strengthens faith for them and the whole family. It is for all ages. It grows with your children. You will make them leaders.

Do you wish you could have more time for conversations with your children, especially on truth and life issues? Do you wish you could show them how to make responsible decisions? Do you want them to really know and love God? Do you think your children will learn it all in Catechism class? You’ll never know unless you reinforce it yourself.

Catholic parents will find comfort in this parenting book when they discover how easy it is to converse and work with their children. For those under five, the conversations are about love and discipline; for older children, the discussions are on faith and respect; and for teens, the focus is on decision-making and defending faith and life, and on rejecting peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, depression, violence, and much more.

In short (sometimes five-minute) sessions, families, even dysfunctional ones, come together to be strongly pro-life and pro-Catholic. These seeds of goodness and leadership can be planted in one-on-one talks or in “Family Fun Time” activities.