Bearing Gracefully Pain & Hardship. Butterfly bringing hope. (August 2006)

Susan's Thursday morning note August 24, 2006 
Butterfly bringing hope.  Bearing gracefully pain & hardship.

Good morning!  How I wish you could have had the 10:30 experience that I had last night.  Several weeks ago after sending all of you a note about Camden’s butterfly adventure, a friend made for Camden a butterfly hatching net to hang in his room, brought him some caterpillars, dill to feed on, and a wish for good luck.  I couldn’t believe she took the time to make this neat set-up for him (included a zipper even!)  For the last few weeks that net has hung in his room above his bed, where we noticed one morning the little caterpillar had become a cocoon.  Well, besides the smell of old dill for the last two weeks, I had given up on this little fellow – he looked dried out & sad in there – I thought for sure he was dried up, but hadn’t admitted that to my little one yet.  Well, last night, completely washed out by a long day, Camden & I stumbled into his room, laughing to keep him awake for 10 more steps, saying his prayer on the run before his head hit the pillow.  He looked up from his pillow, gave a gasp, and to our absolute shock – there was a butterfly flying around in his net!!!  I just started crying I was so overcome with the beauty of what had happened, the new life, the hope, the freshness, the excitement from Camden.  Goodness – you just never know when God will throw you a huge smile!!!

One other thing I wanted to write to you today (before I knew the butterfly would join our family!) was that I was sorting boxes of old books at home on Sunday and came across my mom’s Bible.  I hadn’t ever looked through it since she had died – sometimes it’s easier just to know that she is present there – but not wanting to “go there”.  Well, I grabbed the Bible when we left for church Sunday morning & opened it during the sermon.  She had written in the front “Psalm 68:19” – I turned to the verse which read – “What a glorious Lord, He who DAILY bears our burdens.” – what a beautiful promise!  Another wonderful section that I read often for hope is Lamentations 3 – the entire chapter is my favorite in the entire Bible.  Little lines claim… “my soul is downcast within me…Yet I have hope…Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassions never fail. They are new EVERY MORNING, great is your faithfulness…wait quietly…for men are not cast off by the Lord forever.  Though he brings grief, he will show compassion so great is his unfailing love” and the chapter just goes on & on & on & on.  May that give you a promise this morning – like my butterfly last night – life is full of beginnings.  May this day be a fresh start for you!  Susan