Leaving children small notes for their future comfort. Question of God’s involvement in crisis. (Sept. 2006)

Susan's Thursday morning note September 28, 2006
Question of "Where is God?" when we experience death & trauma in our lives.
Importance of leaving children handwritten notes.

Good morning!  I would like to thank all of you for your e-mails and phone calls for your prayers for my uncle this week.  I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to catch up & send you all notes back.  His accident has once again caused me to realize how much I have in life.  As I sat all day on Monday in the trauma unit in Lincoln, I just watched throughout the day as accident victims were brought in.  The rooms were full, and what surprised me is that the entire unit was built just for those in accidents.  We so easily forget that life can be changed so instantly, yet the designers of this hospital knew it.  How routine this is.

I have been trying to decide what to write to all of you, for I know that this has been on a lot of your minds.  If you do not know what I am talking about my uncle Bob was very seriously injured on Monday in an accident near our farm.  Six years ago my dad (his brother) died in a farm accident, so to see all of the emergency vehicles, and to not know if he would survive took quite a few family members back in time to another awful day.  Bob is now in stable condition, with many facial injuries that he is already undergoing surgery for this week.  We are so thankful that God has spared critical injury. 

Here are the different comments that have come to me….  Why would God allow this to happen to your family again?” “Where were the angels for your dad & for Bob?”  These followed by opposite statements, “I am so glad that God spared his life.”  How complicating all of these questions/statements can be.  Why are there such differing views on God’s involvement?  Such complex questions/statements.  I imagine a young preschooler near his/her parent – in trouble the little one goes to his parent for help, for hope, for comfort.  That is the role that I have chosen to take.  To go to prayer for help, for hope, for comfort, for peace.  What alternative is there, really?

I encourage you to begin leaving very small notes around for your family members & friends.  These little notes that I have from my mom & dad will bring me years of encouragement.  What took them a maximum of 30 seconds to write are what get me through my frustrations, my down times.  I have a very small piece of paper that says,

“Susan, The joy of the Lord is your strength…  so keep the joy – Your dad”

How long did that take him?  How much has it brought to me?  To see the words in his handwriting.  Strength.  Joy.  Together.  Powerful. 

I have a teeny tiny piece of 3×5 card (about the size of the tip of my pinkie) that says on one side… 

“Phil.  1:3″, then the other side reads, “Love, Mom”

How much time did that take her? 

Philippians 1:3 reads, “I thank my God every time I remember you.” – That took her maybe 20 seconds to write.  This has been read by me over 1000 times. 

Start leaving the littlest notes around – not letters.  They will be treasures in the future for your family.  You just never know when something will happen – don’t dread the unknown.  Know that you will be given comfort that you can’t explain until you have need for it.  Susan