Balancing multiple roles and daily dilemmas on overcommitment “Power of 10-10-10” by Suzy Welch (Sept. 2006)

September 21, 2006 Susan’s Newsletter
The rule of 10-10-10 (balancing multiple roles and daily dilemmas over being over committed)

Good morning!  I’ve gotten one cup of coffee down & am ready to go!  A battle was waged in my home this week that I’m not sure if I have a chance to conquer.  On Tuesday morning I went through the entire rigmarole (is that a word?) of the coffee making experience, tiptoed around the house loving the silence, tiptoed back to my coffee & in my perfect mixture of filler/coffee cup a fly was floating.  I couldn’t believe his nerve.  You have to understand that the amount of flies in our house is absolutely ridiculous, but up to this point I pretended to not notice their intrusion.  I knew that Stu had little fly strips somewhere, so after 10 minutes of rummaging through what seems to have become a million “junk drawers” – bingo!  I found the little strips.  I had no idea that the beautiful amber color of those strips hanging all over my house would so perfectly correlate with my Laura Ashley color scheme!  So – beware if you visit this week – you have to duck all over the place, or your head becomes stuck to these strips.  I didn’t realize I had such a sadistic side – for to see the little black dots struggling for survival on the strips I have taken great pleasure!  And the black dots all over the amber strips perfectly matches my black picture frames.  So – maybe I am winning, my coffee was unintruded upon this morning!

And for books……(smile!) I know that last week I encouraged all of you to try classic literature.  I’ll admit that I couldn’t keep focused on a single line of any book this weekend, so on my way to the park with Camden stopped in the gas station and purchased a big fat Oprah magazine.  Well, I read a great article on making decisions throughout a day.  The article is entitled The Rule of 10-10-10.  A method that I was impressed with on balancing multiple roles and daily dilemmas over being over committed. 

The Rule of 10-10-10 by  Suzy Welch

Here's how it works.  Every time I find myself in a situation where there appears to be no solution that will make everyone happy, I ask myself three questions.

What are the consequences of my decision in 10 minutes?

In 10 months?

And in 10 years?

The answers usually tell me what I need to know not only to make the most reasoned move but to explain my choice to the family members, friends, or coworkers who will feel it's impact.

She then goes on to give many examples at work, and with children/family on making decisions that are causing her stress.  Such an easy concept to remember – and I liked it (I like simple!) – so thought I’d share it with you! 

One other impacting verse has helped me in making decisions also – another simple one to remember. 

2 Thessalonians 3:13 advises Never get tired of doing what is right.  So how’s that for advice today?!!!

I hope that all of you have a chance to soak up the fall scents, the cool weather, the change of seasons.  If seeing the harvesters out is causing you memories that hurt (this is a hard time for me picturing my dad on the combine) – then be thankful for your memories, and try to let go the sadness you may feel, and look forward to a new season of your life.  Have a great week – thanks for your encouragement & business!  Susan