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Trailing Schoolchildren’s Blizzard by B. Lois Thieszen Preheim (Originally from Henderson, NE)


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About the Author:

B. Lois Thieszen Preheim was born on a farm near Henderson, Nebraska. She graduated from Freeman Junior College, Freeman, South Dakota and from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln followed with a specialist degree in administration and a Ph.D. in education, curriculum, and instruction from UNL. She received a master of divinity from Associated (now Anabaptist) Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. Lois is a retired kindergarten-twelve principal having taught pre-school, elementary, middle school, and college students. Currently, she resides in Newton, Kansas.

About the Story:

This is a story of the January 12, 1888 blizzard as experienced by families living in ten locations along the storm’s route. The storm struck suddenly and caught people off guard as it trailed through the Great Plains of Canada, the United States, and Territories. Many found ingenious ways to reach safety and/or pass the time while waiting for the storm to subside. Family stories are capsulized in a poem preceding the ten stand-alone chapters. Tying the chapters together is the common thread of experiencing the storm’s fury. People of all ages will identify with elements of decision-making.

About the Book ~ Editorial Reviews:

“It is a rare peek at history for readers when the one sharing the account writes from inside the story – from her heart, about her people. And not only does the author write to honor the heartaches and triumphs of past generations, she also writes to honor generations who currently live in a world in turmoil. Her narrative inspires readers to seek creative ways to be resilient in our own “blizzards” of pain and perplexity, to share our own stories with clear-eyed and courageous spirits.” Laurie Oswald Robinson, author of Forever Family

“This collection of stories by Lois Thieszen Preheim takes readers on a unique, creative, entertaining and enlightening journey. It expands our understanding of the personal experiences of those caught in the storm and the scope and scale of the memorable blizzard of January 12, 1888.”  Timothy L. Waltner, retired editor and publisher of the Freeman Courier, an award-winning weekly newspaper in southeastern South Dakota

“Well-written and researched by the author, who having lived on the Great Plains from Kansas to Nebraska to South Dakota and in Canada, understands the fury of a great blizzard. Biographical in format, each chapter tells the story of a family caught in the Great Blizzard of 1888. Chapters end with a recipe for a snack popular from the 1880s to this day, making it an interesting book for middle school and homeschool teachers.” Kathleen Friesen, author of The Family History and Genealogy of Peter J. Friesen and Eva Abrahams