Why our books are $2 and why all get a free one!

Why our Books are only $2 and Why Everyone Gets to Choose a Free Book When they Come to Susan’s

I want to let all of you know more specifically why we changed the prices of our used books to only $2 each in our store & on our website. I also want to explain the importance to us of letting everyone choose a free book when they come into our store or order off of our website.

This isn’t a temporary sale.  “When will your sale end?”  It’s not going to!  Because you all continue to bring such great books that look almost new we are able to continue to grow our bookstore and make this new price permanent.

This is not to purge our inventory.  This comment continues to be made.  We in no way want to ever have less inventory!  But, because boxes of books continuing to be brought in, I have the belief that we can continue to GROW our inventory even with the prices of the books now $2.00.

WE WANT BOOKS in your homes!  The final decision to lower the prices on all of the books was last week.  I see over and over again customers looking at so many books that I can tell they really are interested in reading, but because of their budget try to decide which ones to take and put the others away.  Usually the hardcovers get put away first.  I realized that all of the books, regardless of their size, are brought in by all of you & the size should make no difference on the price, for the book itself is what matters.  I would much rather have our inventory grow and have everyone be able to take 5-6 books instead of 1-2 out of the store.  These books change lives.  They shouldn’t be on the shelves & tables of our store if they can be in your hands.

WE WANT A “Brick and Mortar” STORE, not just on-line, but an actual store.  It would be so much easier to only do our business online, and so much cheaper.  This isn’t the reason we wanted to have a store.  We wanted a store to have a location for customers to come, meet others, find friendship, and find books that will change their lives.  

WE WANT TO GIVE YOU A BOOK!  On every order on our website, each time you walk into our store.  It’s fun to do this!  No reason besides that.  It gives us joy.  So there!  I read the autobiography of Andrew Carnegie and when he was young he delivered packages in Pennsylvania.  One person he delivered to had a library In his home and let Andrew borrow a book each week.  This changed his life.  I love the memory of children and all of you coming into our store knowing they aren’t there to shop, but to pick out a book.  We will always do this because we love to do this!

Thank you for bringing us your books to donate so we can grow our bookstore in the middle of Nebraska.  Thank you for ordering from us!  For letting us have an actual “brick and mortar” store!  Thank you for your friendship for 20 years now!  Susan