Why our bookstore matters!

Why our bookstore matters (written Dec. 18, 2020)

I have so many in my life for 19 years walking through the bookstore door on 13th street Aurora. Every emotion walking in.

Deep Grief telling me a loss of a mother within the hour. Deep grief after burying a son.

Laughter seeing someone’s eyes I haven’t seen in years yet knowing instantly.

People walking into the bookstore on 13th Street Aurora exhausted from life.

Bright eyes bringing in a new baby to look up at the fans and lights.

All walking into the bookstore. Knowing a book may be within the walls to help them, change them, encourage them, relax them. Knowing they will have a bookstore to give them a peace and emotion only books bring.

All walking into the bookstore. Bringing children to find a book they will hold with a state of pride as they leave. Asking for a book for a hurting friend. Asking for a book as they will go sit in a cabin. Asking for a book on coins. On Civil War. On unicorns. On dinosaurs. On science fiction. On pregnancy. On grief. On parenting. On romance. Asking for a classic. Book lovers.

Thank you all for letting your lives be part of mine. You are all part of why I believe life will always be beautiful. Susan


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