The “Why” Behind Susan’s Used Bookstore

The “Why” Behind Susan’s Used Bookstore

I would like to share with you the reason I feel Susan’s Bookstore & Toy Shop is so important have in the middle of Nebraska. 

We desire our store to be one where anyone entering can find joy, comfort, encouragement, and hope.  We want to keep a “brick and mortar” store for customers to meet others, find friendship and find books that will change their lives.  Regardless of circumstances, to have a bookstore to help us all continue to read.  To look to authors for our strength.  To keep our perspective.

We have so many in my life for 20 years walk into our bookstore.  Every underlying emotion walking in.

Deep grief telling me a loss of a mother within the hour. Deep grief after burying a son.

Joy seeing friends meet each other and discuss books they hand to each other that have affected their lives.

Tired eyes exhausted from life.

Bright eyes bringing in a new baby to look up at the fans and lights and have their little one’s first experience of being completely surrounded by books.

All walking into our bookstore.  

Bringing children to find a book they will hold with a state of pride as they leave.

Asking for a book for a hurting friend. Asking for a book as they will go sit in a cabin. Asking for a book on coins. On Civil War. On unicorns. On dinosaurs. On science fiction. On pregnancy. On grief. On parenting. On romance. Asking for a classic. Book lovers.

Because the books are donated to our store we are able to have books all only $2 so that everyone has the opportunity to take home as many books as they desire. 

Everyone that walks into our store gets to choose a free book on every visit.  In 2020 we were able to give away over 10,000 books & this average continues. We love doing this & we love that the book chosen may change a life.  

We love seeing a child enter and walk out with a book given to them, seeing their faces light up knowing someone who loves books shared this love with this gift.  

Free books are given to schools & organizations that needed books to give away. Students are able to get certificates for free books from teachers.

All walking into our bookstore. Knowing a book may be within the walls to help them, change them, encourage them, relax them. Knowing they will have a bookstore to give them a peace and emotion only books bring.

Thank you for now being part of this store. For helping us by donating books, by ordering books, by giving gift cards across America, for sharing our site. You matter and you are part of a big story – a story being written that began over 20 years ago. Susan